Blair Nebraska

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Blair Airport FAQ

Q: How are the maintenance and operating expenses paid for at the Blair Airport?

A: Revenue generated from fuel sales, hangar rent and land rent pay for these expenses. Grant funds and taxpayer dollars pay for only the land acquisition and construction costs for the airport expansion.

Q: How was the airport expansion paid for?

A: The majority of the dollars are from federal grants that the Blair Airport applied for. Additional funds come from the State of Nebraska grants and taxes from the City of Blair. A total of $9,841,395 will be invested in the Blair Airport at the end of the current paving project. Of this total, $668,285 is the Blair taxpayers’ portion, $189,142 in state of Nebraska grants and $8,983,968 in federal grants. This information was provided by the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics.

               Runway Sketch PDF                 New Runway PDF

Q: What is the distance of the new runway from Hwy 133?

A:  The north end of the new runway is 816 feet and the south end is 1,259 feet west of proposed Hwy 133 expansion. The old runway was 241 feet and 679 feet respectively. Please see the attached PDF file provided by HWS, the design engineering firm of the airport to see these dimensions in perspective. There is a complete set of drawings and specifications available at the City Offices for public inspection.

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