Blair Nebraska

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In 2007, the Airport Authority completed construction of new hangars which included four (4) executive hangars and ten (10) private T-Hangers.  At the current time, these hangars are full with a waiting list.

The airport also has (40) community hangars. At this time, ten (10) of these hangars are available for rent.

There are also (10) tie downs spaces on the apron available at no fee for overnight use.

Hangar Rental Fees:      Executive Hangars   - $330.00 per month plus a $70.00 deposit
                                               T-Hangars                    - $180.00 per month plus a $70.00 deposit
                                                Community Hangars - $100.00 per month plus a $70.00 deposit

If you are interested in renting a hangar and/or being placed on a waiting list, please contact:

Kathy Loudner - (402) 426-4191 or by email at

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